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A Spinning Digital World Is Filled with Modern-Day Terracotta Soldiers

The music video "On My Way" is a trippy journey through a never-ending digital design abyss.
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A lone video character stands atop the profile of a 3D sand dune face. A swirling maze-like decline of staircases is a beauty in design. Categorized under the Vimeo blog addressing superior After Effects use, "On My Way" is a skillful and calibrated use of the motion graphics and animation. The video intricately layers different renders to compose a realistic yet astoundingly fresh realm of existence.


With a dynamic and party-starting track, Grand Yellow's short video for "On My Way" is a fluctuating, multi-dimensional pleasure rendered in undeniably sleek design. Grand Yellow, an electro-pop duo from France, is signed under Dify Records. The video is directed by Akatre and produced by Wacko, Prèmiere Heure. Flame and VFX features were created by Mathieu Caulet, and 3D art and concepts by Jonathan Chaillot.

See more from the video direction firm Akatre on their Vimeo channel, here.


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