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Here, Have This 18-Minute Video of Brian May Unboxing Queen Monopoly

Personally I'm delighted that his new career as a vlogger is going so well.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

I'm not sure how into Beauty YouTube you are, but if you've ever seen a video by a beauty or fashion vlogger, you may be aware of the concept of "unboxing." If you're not familiar (you mean you don't spend your evenings with a sharing bag of crisps in your lap watching YouTube clips about eyeshadow???), it's basically a type of video where the host takes new products out of their boxes and shares their initial reaction. Makeup, the latest Apple device—all are ripe for the format, and have been for years.


Anyway, what's happened is: Brian May has made an unboxing video.

It's not makeup, though. Rather, it's the new Queen version of Monopoly (yeah I don't know either), and Brian is taking you on the grand tour of the game in an *eighteen-minute-long* vlog, part of which is shot as POV footage by a body camera that he is wearing. Brian has not scrimped on the quality of this unboxing.

Occupying the space between children's TV presenter and deeply strange geography teacher—"Queen Monopoly! Is it good? Is it cool? Is it fun? Well hopefully we're about to find out"—Brian painstakingly shows you around the Queen Monopoly board (to the point where he even tells you to take off the cellophane). The basic premise is that rather than playing as a property tycoon, you're a band on tour. The Monopoly board stations are now "global hit records." One of the play pieces is a hoover, because of the "I Want to Break Free" video. Cool I guess?

The fun (read: endless-feeling footage of May talking to himself) basically culminates in Brian May playing Queen Monopoly by himself, and though that makes me sad—can't some of the other living members of Queen join in?—he looks like he's having the time of his life. I wish Brian May the very best in his new career, though I would encourage him to employ an editor, and soon.

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