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felt zine

Get Mind-F*cked by These Alien Sex Toys

According to net artist Tissue Hunter you can learn a lot about someone from their toys.

Every Saturday, Creators premieres a new issue from net art platform and artist collective FELT Zine .

A series of fleshy, digitally constructed instruments imagine what it would look like if your sex toys were assimilated by aliens. For the 37th issue of FELT Zine net artist Tissue Hunter asks us to consider what it would mean if our sexualities became the foundation of a brand new world. The peculiar neon appliances in this week's issue look like the Covenant from the Halo franchise got ahold of a Hitachi magic wand. Despite the references to new technology, like the modified pink VR headset, each piece has the appearance of something organic, as if each toy was grown and harvested as opposed to being manufactured in a factory.


The artist reflects on how our toys can represent personal preference, fantasy, and imagination, and how that representation can change when we are removed from the public sphere in the privacy of our own homes. As Tissue Hunter tells Creators, "There is a level on which we can build something new. No one likes to be an outsider. No sharing, no exploration. Things happen only on the inside. Splashing, catching, meshing, dividing themselves. It doesn't matter where you declare your end, your limbic sponge still quivers. We know it, because we talked to your sex toys first. You are a tester for infinity." Check out more works from the series below:

Check out the 37th Issue of FELT Zine here. See more work by Tissue Hunter on her website.


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