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Crunchyroll Partners with Twitch for 120-Hour Anime Marathon

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Image courtesy of Crunchyroll

Over the past months, Twitch has slowly expanded its definition of streaming. Though previously defined by video games, Twitch has seen success in allowing people to stream their real lives, building cosplay outfits, cooking, and random marathons of TV shows, including Bob Ross and Power Rangers. Next up? An…an…anime.

"If you're super into waifus and wall scrolls," reads Twitch's blog post about the news, "tune in for a refresher or to share your thoughts on who truly is best girl."


Boy, am I! (Is my wife a waifu? Don't answer that question.)

Starting on July 27, Twitch will partner with anime streaming service Crunchyroll for five full days of…anime. According to my calculations, that's a lot of anime.

The lineup of shows hasn't been revealed just yet, but Mob Psycho 100 (presumably the 99th sequel in the long-running franchise?), Yuri!!! On ICE (does it really need that many exclamation marks?), and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (I've got nothing?) have already been confirmed.

Side note: some Asian-Pacific countries may have trouble streaming, due to licensing issues.

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