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There's an Invasion of Floppy CGI Humanoids in Japan

After a three-year hiatus, David Lewandowski drops 'time for sushi' on an unsuspecting internet.
Screenshot via David Lewandowski

Absurdist CGI jokesters are everywhere these days, from Albert Omoss to Cool 3D World, but way back in 2011, no one made the internet laugh harder with 3D animated weirdness than David Lewandowski. When the LA-based filmmaker's going to the store spread across college campuses and infiltrated water cooler conversation, stoners "heh'd," sorority girls "couldn't even," and everyone else just wondered where the hell this distorted human body scan flopping through life had come from. Lewandowski didn't post anything else to his YouTube channel for two years, but when he finally did, the resulting short late for meeting racked up hundreds of thousands of views, and it's now sitting pretty at 31 million.


Last week, three years after the second entry in what Lewandowski now calls, "a series of short films inspired by an obsessive passion for nonsense," the filmmaker has dropped time for sushi, in which our contorted protagonist visits Japan—and this time he's not alone. Like Lewandowski himself, now one member of a growing CGI humorist community, thousands of floppy bodies swarm the streets, squares, seas, and skies of the land of the rising sun. And he has a girlfriend.

Along with the film, Lewandowski launched, where you can support his independent work by purchasing a book, a body pillow, or a $90,000 chess set made from, "ethically sourced arctic mammoth ivory and rare meteorite alloy."

The explicit version of time for sushi was made available on Vimeo earlier this week, which you can watch in its full glory below.

Here, as well, are Lewandowski's first two absurdist CGI trips.

Check out more of Lewandowski's work on his website, including VFX designed for TRON: Legacy and Oblivion.


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