Come Behind the Scenes of 67's New "Glorious Twelfth" Video
All photos by Henry Kingston

Come Behind the Scenes of 67's New "Glorious Twelfth" Video

What happens when Liquez, ASAP, LD, Dimzy, and Monkee end up clambering into a Land Rover with shottys in hand.
July 17, 2017, 9:30am

You'd need to be perfecting the art of understatement to say 67 have had "a good year". The south London rap crew have been hopping on singles with everyone from Mura Masa to Chip, casually taking backstage festival pics arm-in-arm with Solange and last Saturday they stepped up to play our stage at Lovebox Festival in east London. In a year that's also seen them share their story with us in our Don't Call It Road Rap film, it's clear they're firmly on the up. Now, they've put out EP Glorious Twelfth, and shared the visuals for its titular single.

Photographer Henry Kingston was on the shoot with them that day, and gave us a shout to share some of the pics he captured. As he says, "My friend Barney from Stem Studios brought me in on the shoot – he's becoming the go to drone guy for cruddy videos. I first met Barney through mutual friends who painted graffiti, and we got on real good from the get-go. He worked on a couple Nines things before, so he's got those credentials there.


"The shoot itself was surreal; watching those five wielding mad shotguns, driving along a farm road in a the pea-green Land Rover. I'd not met 67 before, but they were all humble and happy to get posing in front of the camera. There's not many rappers who can pull off having guns in their video without looking cheesy – this lot most certainly can. Luke, the director, was super welcoming, and let me take photos all day without any hindrance.

"It has always been about film for me, at first because digital cameras were too expensive and too shit. What has always appealed to me is catching that fleeting moment that can never be repeated. These days I'm pushing past graffiti photos, and recently designed and produced the Wavey Garms book with Andres Branco, which I was really pleased with.


"Anyway, big up everyone who worked on the shoot, and massive thanks to Barney, Luke and all of 67. The video's looking sick and the attention to detail is flawless." Scroll down for more of Henry's photos from the shoot, see the rest of his work here and then immediately go and smash play on Glorious Twelfth, which is out now.



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