Sagittarius, August 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli 


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Sagittarius, August 2017

Sagittarians are lucky people, but will fortune favor you this month?

The Sun is in fellow Fire sign Leo, sending lucky vibes your way, Sagittarius, but will that be enough to keep you moving through this stressful month, filled with retrogrades and eclipses? Let's see what's in store.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, in friendly Air sign Libra, clashes with Pluto, in Capricorn, on August 4—this is motivating and explosive. Expect to feel driven toward your desires (especially your material and financial desires, or your need for security), but remember, don't screw someone else over to get what you want; avoid obsessive thinking. Keep in mind that, early this month, people will do just about whatever it takes to get what they want!


The lunar eclipse in Aquarius arrives August 7, bringing revealing information! Expect shocking news that will find you reorienting your life's direction. You may share shocking news with someone, which may also shift your life around—will it be for the best?

Eclipses are emotional, and things often feel like they are totally falling apart, but trust that the purpose of an eclipse is to put us on our right path. So in the long run, yes, you're moving toward your best path, regardless of the eclipse's changes.

Don't cling to the past or to outdated ideas. Doors are closing, and it's likely time to say some goodbyes; however, new journeys and friendships await you on the other side! (And anyway, is anything really ever over? The sooner you let "it" go, the sooner it can evolve into something new and, hopefully, healthy—if that's what's meant to be!)

Mercury retrograde begins August 12, in Earth sign Virgo, during which you will renegotiate and reimagine your career and your reputation. Mercury retrogrades have a bad reputation—Mercury rules communication and commerce, so this is a bad time to make commitments, sign contracts, make important purchases, or travel. Expect delays and miscommunication.

You have a massive mouth, Sagittarius, so double check that what you say is true before you make big statements! Fortunately, Mercury retrograde is good for something: picking up old projects and, of course, having a convenient excuse for why you're running late.


Mid-month is especially sensitive, Sagittarius! On August 15, Venus opposes Pluto, and on August 16 (or 17, if you're on the East Coast), Venus squares off with Jupiter. What does this mean? Tricky issues, like money (or, emotionally, self-worth), will come up, and you'll have to watch for manipulators and greed.

There will be an over-the-top, indulgent vibe, too, so things are sure to get complicated. What happens when you want more, more, more, but people want to take, take, take? Drama. It's likely you'll go to wild, decadent parties, but please, watch out and don't get mixed up with the wrong crowd.

The solar eclipse in fellow Fire sign Leo lands on August 21, bringing emotional and philosophical breakthroughs. A crisis of faith, or ideology, is possible—your view of the world is shifting, and with that, everything you thought you believed needs to be readdressed.

This may be an especially intense eclipse, Leo, if you're in school or traveling. Expect to feel exhausted, physically and emotionally, so ask for extensions if you need them—be easy on yourself!

The Sun enters hardworking Earth sign Virgo, on August 22, placing its spotlight on the success and reputation sector of your chart—exciting! Virgo season is about you being in the public eye and, emotionally, figuring out what you want to be known for; who do you want to be remembered as? Some centaurs are famous for their gluttony, some for their generosity, and others for their wisdom—who are you?

On August 25, Saturn ends its retrograde in your sign—what a relief! Retrogrades are great for reflecting and reworking; however, it can get old—it's time to cover new ground. Saturn is in your sign, Sagittarius, which has been making your life harder—the vibe has been gloomy, and you've been pushed into a position in which you need to behave more maturely, responsibly.

You're one of the most optimistic signs in the zodiac; however, you've had a glass-half-empty vibe for nearly the last two and a half years. Now that Saturn is direct, it will soon enter Capricorn (on December 19, 2017), finally relieving some of the pressure that's been on you while the taskmaster of the zodiac has been in your sign.

On August 25, or 26, depending on your time zone, Venus enters Leo, soon followed by Mercury reentering Leo on August 31. While Mercury retrograde presents challenges, especially when traveling (dealing with delays, language barriers, you name it), Venus in Leo will help smooth things over while you're on summer vacation. Conversations that began in July, but were put on the back burner, will reappear.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, makes a harmonious connection with Saturn on August 27, creating a supportive energy in your social life and helping ground you emotionally. You'll receive what you need to achieve the vision you have. The eclipses have shifted so many things in your life, Sagittarius; getting reorganized is key now. Good luck this month, and see you in September!