This story is over 5 years old.

GAUNG's Latest Music Video Is a Six Minute Progressive Metal Fever Dream

Losing your mind never sounded so good.

Close your eyes and imagine a hesher dude riding shotgun in his friend's black panel van. There's an airbrushed wizard on the side. And Bandung's GAUNG is probably blasting from the speakers. GAUNG is a bastard love child of driving heavy metal and techy prog-rock. It's the kind of stuff that's just begging for its own laser light show or a stadium show with fog machines and a giant dragon suspended over the stage.


The duo's latest video is a six-and-a-half minute opus titled "Summa Injuria" that comes with an appropriately nightmarish tale of a man who goes mad inside an old creepy house, come across a bunch of masked weirdos, and eventually meets his own demise. Yeah, it's pretty strange.

The video is the first single off their nine-song debut album "Opus Contra Naturam"—which is an hour of the most spaced-out stoner rock we've heard in a while. It's out on Bandung's Orange Cliff Records, who are quickly cementing themselves as one of Indonesia's must-watch labels.

If you're into crystal balls, old copies of Heavy Metal Magazine, and DIY denim vests then check out the video above.