illustrations by Tanvi Jaiman
All illustrations by Tanvi Jaiman.

How to Hit on Someone Using Leftist Pick-up Lines

Tanvi Jaiman turns communist concepts into graphic prints that double up as perfect pick-up lines for the socialist soul.
Mumbai, IN
August 23, 2018, 6:55am

What better way to communicate your feelings in the age of angst than with your very own communist manifesto? It’s this line of thinking that inspired 20-year old Tanvi Jaiman to turn leftist ideologies into witty love letters.

The Hyderabad-based artist plays with colours, illustration and typography to bring alive ‘leftist’ pick-up lines she has jotted down over time. Originally sold as Valentine’s Day cards, Jaiman blends irony into her quirky concoctions by promoting communism on a day that’s the ultimate celebration of romance commercialised.

“I wanted to establish a sort of parody effect to make people laugh. I’m not really very left-leaning or anything, but I had all these funny ideas for pick-up lines and I wanted to make them into something that others could appreciate as art,” she says. She’s channelled a sense of anarchy and rebellion to create clever prints in a series she’s named ‘Politically Incorrect Pick Up Lines’. Her Instagram bio reads ‘Jack of all phases, amused by none’, and is filled with projects that toy with pop culture references, including a typography series representing her favourite music albums and a satirical reimagining of popular logos. “My work is heavily influenced by shit I see online, especially memes and tweets. I use what’s relevant to my life: Stuff to do with love, mental health and personal growth to create artwork for a more millennial target audience that enjoys my edgy, angsty and unconventional approach.”

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