BROCKHAMPTON's New Track "1997 Diana" is Undeniably Fire

The new 'Best Years of Our Lives' track is hard-as-nails, and comes with a wild new Kevin Abstract-directed video.

BROCKHAMPTON have a habit of surprising me. Just when I think I don't like them, they'll do something that just reels me back in in a big way. Earlier this year, I thought I was apathetic towards them; then, I accidentally caught a tiny bit of their Coachella set and thought it was probably one of the best rap shows I've ever seen. I was pretty lukewarm on previous singles from The Best Years of Our Lives, the boyband's upcoming record, but "1997 Diana," a cut they dropped earlier today, has changed my mind completely. It is extremely fire, a hard-as-nails piece of weirdo rap that sounds unhinged and vibrant and stupid, the best kind of song. Listen below, and watch the song's Kevin Abstract-directed video:


BROCKHAMPTON are making their debut trip to Australia later this year with Listen Out Festival. Earlier this year, they kicked founding member Ameer Vann out of the band after allegations of sexual misconduct against him came to light. "1997 Diana" follows the band's performance of "TONYA" on Fallon.

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