Yankees Fans Use Phones to Hold Candle Light Vigil for Aaron Judge's Wrist

Ok, so there were no "candles" per se, but cell phone lights did the trick.
July 27, 2018, 4:09pm
Screen capture via Twitter/BarstoolHubbs

What is more valuable than human life? If you're a New York Yankees fan, clearly it's Aaron Judge's health. The 6'7" slugger is young and spry, sure [Ed. note: an Adonis, really]. But every now and then we're reminded of his mortality—say, when he takes a pitch to the wrist in the first inning against the Kansas City Royals that ends up in a chip fracture that's set to put him out for three weeks.

What is the proper response to such a tragedy? [Ed. note: it is a tragedy, don't @ me.] Why, what anyone who's suffered a tremendous loss does: hold a candle light vigil.

Ok, so there were no actual "candles," but Yankees fans thought it appropriate to mourn the loss of their beloved man-giant. Fans held up their cell phone lights and waved them back and forth in a sign of solidarity:


God (or whoever watches over Yankees baseball) [Ed. note: it is, indeed, God.] must have been listening—at least a little bit—as the Yankees went on to win 7-2. Don't worry, Yankees fans; soon "all rise" won't feel like a priest's command at a funeral. Judge lives on.