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Wrinkled Suits, Slides, and a Tiger, Let's Talk About 2 Chainz's Wedding

2 Chainz upped the ante on the Versace namedrop. He got married in the mansion.
Queens, US
Photo via Twitter

Rappers are getting very on brand with their weddings. Last month, PUSHA-T had an all-white ceremony to his longtime girlfriend Virginia Williams in their hometown of Virginia Beach. This weekend, 2 Chainz took his Versace name drops to another level and decided to get married in Miami's Villa Casa Casuarina, also known as the Versace Mansion. You may remember when 2 Chainz got on one knee at this year's Met Gala while he and his then-girlfriend, Kesha Ward, were draped in Versace. It's still fairly early and the wedding footage is still trickling in, but one thing for sure is that the Most Expensivest host paid a pretty penny for the ceremony: $300,000, according to TMZ. Was it worth it? Of course. He had a T.R.U Love ice sculpture and a white tiger in attendance, for goodness sake.


Do you see all of those exclamations points in that caption? 2 Chainz was in dire need of help. This is exhibit A of a rich person problem. The groom couldn't decide on which shoe to choose. But with so many options, can you blame him for picking two?

Mama Chainz made my list of favorite people when she dressed up as her son for "Proud," and she's letting you know here that she doesn't have a shortage of dance moves. Sons, take note. He's fully aware that this is her song and is letting her have her moment. Also, peep the shoe change.

Aside from family, there were some notable attendees in the intimate ceremony of 75 guests. But the talk of the town, somehow, was Kanye's choice of shoe. They're not your typical dress shoe, or a dress shoe at all, and they were a size too small. This absolutely beats Pharrell's ugly watch in PUSHA's wedding. Not only did Kanye show up in questionable shoes, but his date, Kim Kardashian, wore a highlighter latex dress. The Wests were breaking all types of wedding rules last weekend.

I don't know where the white tiger factors into all of this, but it was the most important of all the guests, easily. The people need more footage of this tiger, 2 Chainz. You didn't pay all that money for it to be stingy. Watch the end of the video to get a glimpse of the exotic wedding guest.

Congratulations to the Epps family!

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