NSW Prison Guards Keep Getting Caught Having Sex With Inmates

The husband rang Kempsey prison demanding the name of the officer but was told, “Sorry, it’s an inmate.”
July 26, 2018, 5:55am

New South Wales Corrective services are in panic mode after revelations of four seperate cases where female correctional officers have been caught having sex with prisoners, this year alone.

This week, 2GB revealed that Correctional officer Amy Connors had been in a year long affair with convicted cop-killer Sione Penisini at Kempsey maximum security prison.

Amy’s husband had been convinced for months that his wife was cheating on him with someone from the prison. Mr Connors jealous rage probed an internal investigation.

A prison source told the Daily Telegraph that he demanded to know the name of the officer his wife had been sleeping with, intelligence officers at the maximum security prison put Amy under surveillance and were eventually forced to tell the husband, “Sorry, it’s an inmate.”

The Daily Telegraph reports that Amy would exploit her position as a welfare worker to let herself into Sione’s cell at night for sex. Amy was suspended from duty and Sione was transferred to Goulburn Supermax jail after an alleged assault of another prisoner.

Yesterday, it was reported that Demmi Zeschke, a NSW Correctional Officer, swapped her day shifts at Long Bay Correctional Centre for a night roster so she could have sex in the gym with 32-year-old, “drink-drive double killer” Jarrad Smith.

She was eventually caught with Jarran by other guards and subsequently resigned from her position.

2GB reported that in the state of NSW, just this year, another female corrections officer from Lithgow correctional centre has been suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct, and a female staff member from Brush Farm Correctional centre was also dismissed following an investigation into sexual misconduct.

There are no charges for sexual conduct between prison officers and inmates because it is not against the law. Although the Minister for Corrections, David Elliot, has announced that he has instructed Peter Severin, NSW prison commissioner, to establish a taskforce investigating sexual misconduct in prison.

David Elliot told a press conference today, “I have also instructed the Department of Justice secretary to provide options for an increase to the penalties for misconduct."

This article originally appeared on VICE AU.