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This Murder Suspect Just Did the Absolute Worst 'In My Feelings' Challenge

The one-time member of the FBI's Most Wanted list chose a pretty weird time to dance.

The "In My Feelings" challenge—or the Kiki challenge, or whatever you want to call the thing where you dance to that dumb Drake song in hopes of viral fame—has been everywhere this summer: People started jumping out of moving cars, Will Smith climbed on top of a giant bridge, and the cops felt it was necessary to issue some stern and pretty alarming warnings about the dangers of the dance craze.

Still, after Trevor Noah named a clip of two guys in southern India dancing in the mud with some oxen the greatest "In My Feelings" challenge ever a few weeks back, a question remained: If that one was the best, which attempt is the worst? Now, finally, we have our answer. On Monday, a double murder suspect and one-time member of the FBI's Most Wanted list did what is likely the worst "In My Feelings" challenge of all time.


Antwan Mims, who was recently arrested in Georgia after allegedly slaying two men in Michigan last March, was being transported back to the state when he apparently spotted some news cameras and figured it'd be a good time to dance, WNDU reports.

As police led Mims from an airplane and across the tarmac, Mims mugged to the camera and busted out the well-known "In My Feelings" dance moves, making a heart with his hands and miming driving a car. No one really acknowledges what Mims is doing, they just usher him into the waiting police vehicle to take him to jail. But the whole thing is deeply strange and uncomfortable, not just because he's a murder suspect taking part in some dumb viral challenge while in custody, but because he seems so pleased with himself while doing it.

"It's almost like it was a joke," Benton Harbor Director of Public Safety Dan McGinnis told WNDU. "He's taken two people's lives."

Police say Mims, who they suspect to be a hitman for a Michigan gang, shot and killed two men in their 20s during a house party in Benton Harbor. According to witness reports, Mims allegedly shot the two men and then fired second shots into their heads while the men lay on the ground, before fleeing.

"It makes you wonder where a person's mindset is to be that cold-blooded," McGinnis went on. "It's why he's so dangerous—to go up and do that, in front of all those witnesses is unconscionable."

He successfully evaded authorities for months, presumably finding time in the midst of being a fugitive to watch "In My Feelings" challenge videos, until he was finally tracked to a house in College Park, Georgia, and arrested. Mims is currently being held in a Benton Harbor-area jail and faces charges of first-degree murder and felony weapons charges, among others. No official charge for making a supremely poorly-timed dance challenge video, though.

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