Tyler, the Creator Is Lost at Sea in His Video for "See You Again"

It's taken a year for the Kali Uchis assisted song to receive a visual. But hey, better late than never.
Queens, US
August 8, 2018, 6:28pm
Screenshot from "See You Again"

Last July, Tyler, the Creator used Flower Boy as a colorful excursion through his identity using the album as a departure from the mischevious persona he cultivated over the years. A year post-Flower Boy, Tyler's maturation is one that warrants a double take, more focused on emotion rather than the shock value of his jokes. Today, he extends the album's shelf life, releasing "See You Again," the ultra smooth song that was originally written for Zayn Malik.


Directed by Tyler, the rapper is enlisted in his own colorful militia standing out among a sea of clones. A$AP Rocky makes a cameo as a cohort, while Kali is stranded at sea. It wouldn't be a Tyler video if he wasn't pushing the envelope of what's normal, like when he is quite literally stepping on people's heads, and dons a sheet over his head to look like a particularly friendly ghost.

"See You Again" is a voyage into Tyler's alternate universe, where even his government is turned upside down. Watch the video above.

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