The Food References In The Sexy Cow Song, Ranked

"Moo!" is about being a cow that wants to auto-cannibalize, and maybe so much more.
Screengrab via Youtube user Doja Cat

Look, this is not a music criticism website and so I'm not here to tell you whether 22-year-old Doja Cat rapping about having "the methane" or being "a farter" is, in fact, "good" "music" (personal opinion: Song Of The Summer) but one thing it definitely is is full of food references. This is a song about steaks and burgers, milk and milkshakes—truly a veritable buffet of bovine-based foodstuffs, and that deserves to be celebrated. Ranked here for their creativity, applicability, and culinary specificity is an exhaustive list of all the food lyrics from "Moo!"


  • "Philly cheesesteak under that order (get that order)"
  • "I want a cheeseburger"
  • "Fucking vegans"
  • "Steaks high, need a side of collard greens"
  • "Ice cream, ice cream (ice cream)"
  • "Chili cheese fries as a starter"
  • "Got me A1 sauce please"
  • "Got milk bitch? Got beef?"
  • "Got steak hoe" Got cheese?"
  • "My milkshake brings all the boys to the farm"

Are you hungry yet?