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Buddy Drives To Police Station To Prove He’s Not Drunk, Gets Charged With DUI

No one saw this coming.
Mack Lamoureux
Toronto, Canada
August 3, 2018, 3:10pm
Photo via Pexels.

An Ontario man wanted so badly to prove to his friends that he could handle his booze he drove to a police station to prove it and wound up with a drunk driving charge.

According to the CBC, Peel Regional Police alleged that a 32-year-old man was out having a good ol’ weekday drinkin' time with his buddies in a bar early Wednesday morning. Pro-tip: nothing good ever happens when you get drunk on a Tuesday night. Now, this man apparently really wanted to prove to his friends that he wasn’t drunk so he loaded up in his vehicle and made his way to a Mississauga police station.

When he got there he marched right on up to a copper and demanded to get breathalyzed which is… something. Well, the coppers respected this man's wishes and let him blow. Police say that when he did he rang in at one-and-a-half times the legal limit. Police, in a social media post, say that the man was charged with “impaired driving-related offences.”

That’s all we really know about the story at the current moment but, as a small-town Alberta dirtbag, I’ve overheard this exact conversation a few times. For best results read this in a heavily slurred tone.

Drunk friend "You're fucking wasted."
Drunk guy: "No I'm not,"
Drunk friend: "Yeah you are, you fucking lightweight."
Drunk guy:"No, I'm not, fuck you. You’re wasted. "
Drunk friend: "Fuck you. I’m not wasted, I could shotgun like three more Luckys. This is why your dad left."
Drunk guy: "FUCK YOU JIM! You know what? I'll fucking prove it to you. Get in my car. Do it. Get in my fucking car. I’m not drunk. Grab the Theory of A Deadman CD, we’re going."

Anyway, these people are dickheads, don’t drink and drive. Buddy always has a couch and your car will be there in the morning.

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