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Hulu's Spooky New Stephen King Series Is Heading Back to Shawshank

The new teaser for 'Castle Rock' looks creepy as hell.

Ever since 2017's IT adaptation became a surprise box-office behemoth, a whole host of Stephen King spinoffs and adaptations have leaped into production. Netflix already cranked out a pair of films based on King stories, Blumhouse is working on a new Firestarter adaptation, and the sequel to The Shining just found a director. There doesn't seem to be a Maximum Overdrive remake in the works just yet, but it'll probably be announced one of these days, whether we like it or not.


Of all the upcoming King adaptations out there right now, Hulu's Castle Rock anthology series is probably the most exciting. The series won't be a direct adaptation of any single King story, but brings together a bunch of different characters and locations into the same universe. The streaming service released the first trailer for the JJ Abrams–produced show back in October, and it looked spooky as hell. On Thursday, Hulu dropped the second Castle Rock teaser—and the thing does not disappoint.

The new clip gives us a deeper look at André Holland's character, who tells Sheriff Pangborn (Scott Glenn) that he's returned home to Castle Rock after receiving a mysterious call from Shawshank prison, likely about the suicide of one of its inmates. His character's investigation appears to lead to another Shawshank prisoner, played by Bill Skarsgård, and sends him lurking around some dark, abandoned buildings and sifting through Microfiche in search of answers.

It's still not totally clear which other beloved King characters will make an appearance in the show, or what the overall plot will be, but from the look of the new trailer—and its creepy dogs and creepier masked men—the show is bound to be terrifying.

Along with Holland, Glenn, and Skarsgård, Castle Rock is set to star Melanie Lynskey and Sissy Spacek, who's back playing a Stephen King character after starring in Carrie back in 1976. This second trailer will air during the Super Bowl this Sunday, but you can watch it ahead of time above.

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