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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hope Hicks set to testify in Congress, aid workers said to exploit Syrian women for sex for years, earthquake in Papua New Guinea kills at least 14, and more.
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Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

US News

Hope Hicks Testifying to House Intel Committee
The committee investigating Russian election meddling was expected to question the White House communications director at a closed session Tuesday. Hicks was likely to be asked about her role in drafting a response to the revelation that senior campaign aides met with Russian officials at Trump Tower in June 2016. She was previously scheduled to testify in January, but White House lawyers delated the session.—CBS News

Parkland Police Deputy Responds to Criticism
Scot Peterson, the deputy on duty during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, denied conducting himself like a "coward." Despite his resignation, Peterson’s lawyer called accusations he failed to carry out his duty “patently untrue.” Earlier on Monday, President Trump told a roomful of governors that he would have "run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.”—The New York Times/VICE News


US Envoy to North Korea Set to Retire
Joseph Yun will step down from his role as the US State Department’s special representative for North Korean affairs this Friday. “Secretary Tillerson has told me he appreciates my service and did not want me to go, but he accepts it reluctantly,” said Yun. The US still doesn't have even a nominee for ambassador to South Korea.—The Washington Post

Georgia Republicans Warn Delta of Retaliation for NRA Snub
Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, president of the Georgia State Senate, pledged to “kill any tax legislation” benefiting Delta after the Atlanta-based airline axed reduced fares for NRA members. “Corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back,” Cagle tweeted. Other GOP legislators in Georgia vowed to oppose a bill offering a tax break on jet fuel.—ABC News

International News

Aid Workers Exploiting Syrian Women for Sex Since 2011, Report Says
A new report by the United Nations Population Fund said women in war-torn parts of Syria have been forced to provide “sexual services” in exchange for aid. It has also been revealed the International Rescue Committee was aware of similar reports of sexual exploitation in Syria back in 2015. A charity worker, Danielle Spencer, said the issue has "been known about and ignored for seven years."—BBC News

Top Military Chiefs Sacked in Saudi Arabia
King Salman removed several key defense officials, including the army’s chief of staff and the commanders of land and air forces. The move came amid skepticism about the effectiveness of the kingdom's military intervention in Yemen. Salman also announced female politician Tamadur bint Youssef al-Ramah will join his cabinet as deputy labor minister.—Al Jazeera


Earthquake in Papua New Guinea Kills at Least 14
The 7.5 magnitude quake struck the country’s Southern Highlands area on Monday, triggering landslides and toppling at least two buildings in the town of Mendi. Local police said at least 14 people were killed, but the provincial administrator put the death toll at 30. The event forced ExxonMobil Corp to close its liquefied gas plant in the area.—Reuters

Canadians Admit to Smuggling Cocaine
Quebec women Mélina Roberge and Andre Tamine, accused of bringing $30 million worth of the drug into Australia, pleaded guilty in a Sydney court after their Canadian associate Isabelle Lagace already copped to the crime. Roberge and Lagace have been nicknamed the “cocaine cowgirls” in light of travel photos they shared on social media.—The National Post

Everything Else

Ryan Seacrest Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Suzie Hardy, the TV star’s former personal stylist at E! News, said Seacrest grabbed her vagina, pressed his erection against her, and slapped her butt hard enough to leave a welt. She also accused E! of “whitewashing” an investigation into his alleged misconduct. Seacrest has denied the allegations, and an E! investigation into his conduct yielded "insufficient evidence" to support the accusations.—Variety

Stacey Dash Running for Congress
The Clueless actress registered to run for the Republican nomination in Southern California’s 44th District, which is currently Democratic turf. She previously teased her bid for political office by posting “Dash to DC” on social media.—AP


Bill Cosby’s Daughter Dies, Aged 44
Ensa Cosby died following a battle with renal disease, a condition affecting the kidneys. A family spokesperson confirmed the news, saying, “The Cosby Family thanks many people for their prayers for their beloved and beautiful Ensa."—CNN

Janelle Monáe Reveals She Worked with Prince
The rising R&B star said she was collaborating with the legendary artist on her upcoming album Dirty Computer before he died. Monáe said Prince “helped me come up with sounds, and I really miss him… his spirit will never leave me.”—Noisey

Trump Aide Falls Asleep at School Safety Meeting
Photos of Stephen Miller appeared to show him dozing in his chair at a White House meeting about school shootings in the wake of the massacre in Parkland, Florida. He could also be seen yawning and rubbing his eyes.—VICE News

HBO Drops First Glimpse of ‘Fahrenheit 451’
The cable network released a one-minute trailer for the new film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel, featuring Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan. “I want to burn,” Jordan’s character tells the chief book burner, played by Michael Shannon.—VICE

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