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This Man Is Convinced That Pizza Hut Is Using His Face on Its Delivery Boxes

Pizza Hut denies that it's illegally using the man's likeness, but he still feels disturbed by the resemblance.
Photo via Twitter

It seems like every few years, someone becomes a tabloid footnote after they see a picture of Jesus miraculously burned into their breakfast taco, or after they somehow convince a stranger to pay $100,000 for a Cheeto shaped like Harambe. But Nick Richardson’s story is a little different, because the face that he keeps seeing is his own—and it’s printed on Pizza Hut boxes that are being delivered in England.


Richardson, a 39-year-old from the West Midlands, said that last month, some of his family and friends started texting him photos of Pizza Hut Delivery boxes and asking him why his face was on top of their to-go pies. “[My] friend said in the message, 'what are you doing on my pizza box?' and I thought he was just winding me up. I didn't think much of it," Nick told the SWNS news agency. “Then I got another message from another friend—they didn't know each other—saying the same thing.”

He presumably started looking for the boxes and, according to Richardson, the photo on the front does appear to be a close match, right down to the hairstyle, the ring on his finger, and the shape of his stubble. He contacted Pizza Hut through Facebook and didn’t get a response until after the press discovered his cardboard doppelgänger. When he did hear from the pizza giant, it pretty much said, ‘Nope, sorry, it’s not you.’

Richardson isn’t convinced. “I think it's me, my mum thinks it's me, my friends think it's me and my brother thinks it's me. I can't see how it's not me,” he said. If it really isn’t him, he wants to see the original photo of the dude who was immortalized, mid-bite. He said that, at first, Pizza told him that that he could see the image, but then said that it was illegal on copyright grounds. "I don't see how that works because they have put it on pizza boxes," he harrumphed to the Evesham Journal. “It all sounds a bit suspect to me."

Richardson has spent the past month trying to figure out how Pizza Hut got his photo (because yes, he is 100 percent convinced that he’s the guy on the box). His working hypothesis is that someone snapped a shot of him enjoying his pizza while he and his son ate at a Pizza Hut last summer.

In a statement, Pizza Hut Delivery officially denied Richardson’s claim. “All the artwork imagery on our Pizza Hut boxes, including this picture, feature employees from our creative agency and all of them provided consent for their photos to be used,” a spokesperson from Pizza Hut Delivery told SWNS. “We have not used any members of the public in this campaign and we can confirm that this photograph is not of Mr. Richardson.”

Our advice? Start autographing those boxes and selling them on eBay. You might not make Harambe Cheeto-level money, but it might be enough for a to-go order…from Domino’s.