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Watch This Insane Police Chase with a Naked Guy on an ATV

And you thought your weekend was wild.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
February 26, 2018, 7:00pm
Screengrab via Jess Fishell / YouTube

Like the man who dazzled us at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang last week, some people seem to feel the most free when they're naked. Going around in the buff can be great for some activities—seeing a play, practicing sun salutations, or just hanging out—but it's probably not the greatest way to avoid attention from the cops.

On Sunday, one man's decision to brazenly go bare on the highways of Kansas City, taking cops on a high-speed chase on a stolen ATV, ultimately ended in his arrest, the Kansas City Star reports. Luckily, a local man who was treated to the feat on his Sunday commute managed to capture the whole thing on video, before the guy was taken in and eventually given some clothes.

"Swear to god: White dude, naked as a jaybird, on an ATV, running against traffic on I-29," a passenger says in the video. "This dude is butt-ass necked. Holy fuck."

According to the Star, it didn't take long before cops started to receive calls about the "Bound 2" impersonator from concerned drivers on Sunday. Embracing the raw, powerful sense of freedom that comes with barreling down the road in your birthday suit, the man threw caution to the wind and zipped past the cops, weaving into medians and, at one point, driving straight toward oncoming traffic. With a chopper swirling above him and about a dozen cops speeding after him, he just kept on zooming.


After literally tailing the guy's bare cheeks for about an hour, the cops eventually managed to bring him to a stop and arrest him, reporting that "no dangerous instruments were found" on his person, whatever that means. He was later taken to a nearby hospital and, we imagine, given something to wear.

His pantsless jaunt through Kansas City made a pretty big splash, with untold amounts of incriminating evidence making it onto Snapchat, overhead traffic cams, and the local news.

There's still no line on exactly how or why the guy wound up naked, and the police told the Star that drugs might have been involved. But at the end of the day, the guy might have just wanted to lose his restricting outer layer, and ride down the highway, letting the wind whip through his hair and pretty much everything else.

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