Close Out a Hellish Week with Rotting Sky's Brutal Blackened Noise

Stream the impossibly harsh, surprisingly pretty new album from former Nux Vomica guitarist Tim Messing, out today via Silent Ruin Laboratories.
February 9, 2018, 10:47pm
Photo courtesy of Sentient Ruin

Rotting Sky's debut, Sedation, is absolutely horrific, toxic, merciless noise—and I mean that as as the highest of compliments. Following a number of demos and self-released issuances, this new-ish project from creator Tim Messing is seeing its maiden physical release today via CA label Sentient Ruin Laboratories, and features new mastering and all new artwork by noise guru Anderson Cook. All said, it's an absolutely doozy. Its blackened, industrialized noise comes filtered through a decidedly doomed, atmospheric lens (which makes sense given Messing's previous tenure as the guitarist in sadly defunct, dearly missed epic crust punk band Nux Vomica).

There are moments of almost fragile beauty interspersed between the harsh walls of cracking, looped noise, weaponized percussion, searing feedback, and Messing's own strangled bark. As with most releases who treat the uncertain path between black metal and noise, there's far more to Sedation than meets the eye, and its most rewarding aspects require a careful listen. The label situates the band's sound as "something between Thisquietarmy, Sutekh Hexen, and Darkspace,"which rings true; hints of aggressively atmospheric USBM bands like Ash Borer bleed through, as well, married with a sort of frenetic, hyperdriven post-rock prettiness.

In short, it's a challenging listen, a hodgepodge of aural effrontery—and one hell of an album. Sentient Ruinand Black Horizons will co-release the vinyl edition, with Sentient Ruin handling a tape as well; to order said vinyl in Europe, hit up WOOAAARGH. Listen below.

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