Utterly Cannabutterly Delicious

A Reddit user might have just created the ultimate masala noodles.
June 15, 2018, 10:50am
Weed-infused masala instant noodles
Images: Reddit

Instant noodles are a staple of stoners and deadbeats everywhere. But if lead in your Maggi concerns you, this might… not really help, but make that fear more palatable.

Image: Reddit

Delhi based Reddit user notate3n recently posted their attempt at making cannabis-infused butter (cannabutter) on the popular /r/IndianEnts subreddit. Cannabutter is one of the simplest and most common ways to make infused edibles. However, as notate3n points out, making cannabutter can be a little bit tricky as it must simmer at low heat for a while order to activate its psychoactive potential. (And butter is devilishly difficult to melt evenly.)

Notate3n told VICE that cannabutter was a welcome change from smoking (figures, since the city’s air is doing more than enough on that front). “The high is quite a different experience (more body-heavy than mind heavy),” they told us.


“I had an oven, baked my crushed weed in it at ~100°C for 40 min (to decarb it), then added it in a pan with butter and kept it on low heat for 10-15 min. Strained the resulting butter and stored it in a box in the fridge,” notate3n reported.

Cannabutter isn’t anything new, but cooking Maggi noodles with it, like notate3n did, might be. Or chai.

“Once I got the knack of making the butter I could use it in various things like tea, cooking etc, and each was an experience of its own! There's a lot left to explore,” notate3n said.

Hygiene and quality are important, warns notate3n. Cure your stash. After that it’s simple.

“If your stuff is laced with chemicals you should absolutely avoid putting it or any derivatives of it inside your body. Also the THC content in each strain is different, though the average street dealers across India only keep less potent, low quality weed.” So even if your shit is well, shit, it may have enough juice for a cup of chai and buttery noodles.

Once you have your cannabutter building block, the world is your culinary oyster, says notate3n.

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