This New 'Solo' Trailer Proves Donald Glover Needs His Own Star Wars Movie

The more Lando, the better.
April 18, 2018, 3:57pm

In a more perfect world, Disney's upcoming Star Wars origin movie isn't Solo: A Star Wars Story, it's Lando—an entire feature-length vehicle for Donald Glover to Donald Glover his way across the Star Wars universe.

Instead of Han robbing a space train, we'd get to watch Lando twirl his goofy mustache all around Cloud City or whatever. Instead of Han meeting Chewie for the first time, it would give us a look at how Lando and Lobot became a dynamic duo. Sounds great, right? Hell, Han could even play a minor role, giving Alden Ehrenreich a little cameo during that fateful Sabacc game, but it would be Lando's story and, more importantly, Donald Glover's movie.


Alas, the movie we're getting this May only has a little of Glover's brilliance and a lot of dubious acting from Ehrenreich. But worry not—from the look of Wednesday's new TV spot for Solo, it looks like Glover is still going to steal the show, no matter how much screen time he winds up getting.

The 45-second teaser is mostly made of stuff we've seen in those earlier trailers, but there are a few brilliant bits of previously unseen footage that give Lando a chance to shine. There's Lando dropping some snappy one-liners! There's Lando introducing Han to his soon-to-be-signature ship, the Millennium Falcon! There's Donald Glover doing a pitch-perfect Billy Dee Williams impression as he yells "Ha-a-an!"

The verdict's still out on whether Solo will actually be able to push past its production woes and turn out to be the fun summer action romp Disney's gunning for it to be. But either way, one thing is for sure: The more Lando it has in it, the better.

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