Yeezy Season Approaching: Kanye's Back on Twitter (for Now)
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Yeezy Season Approaching: Kanye's Back on Twitter (for Now)

He brought his account back to life over the weekend, hinting at a return to something/anything—even if it's just tweeting.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
April 16, 2018, 11:13am

What is this world, bruh? On the one hand we are here talking about a Twitter account, a virtual microphone that dispenses thoughts into the ether and has irreparably stained the mental state of anyone with an account. On the other, the reason the social network is bad can also be good: it is the modern town crier, if that town crier had global reach (and could also send memes). And, as we all know, Kanye West is the MVP of the medium.


Ever since the service launched in 2006, the Chicagoan rapper/visionary/father has been one of its most prominent forces. You will have seen the listicles, counting down his best tweets (how many people have by now reposted a screenshot of the water bottle on a plane tweet? How many?); perhaps you were around for the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy era, when he used the service to point users to hour-long Ustream videos (kind of like a Youtuber liver stream, before Youtubers had grown beyond the age of dribbling their food); or maybe you remember the roll-outs for Yeezus and The Life Of Pablo, the latter of which seemed to provide new information daily—a 24-hour news cycle if you will—where images of studio sessions and revised track-lists and insults flowed heavy (to Daedmau5: "is this person's name pronounced dead-mow-five?"; to Wiz Khalifa: "maybe I couldn't be sinny and tall but I'll settle for being the greatest artist of all time as a consolation")

Since then West has been hospitalized with exhaustion. But, after a hibernation period, we've recently seem him about town—notably smiling, working from a recording studio, and looking great. and maybe making the album of his life in the mountains of Wyoming. And so, if history is to be believed, Kanye West's return to Twitter this weekend might also be symbolic of the beginning of a new era. Why? Because each time he's prepped for a new roll-out, he's also deleted all his tweets, then started afresh by firing out a load of new material. At the least, he's talking (nee: tweeting) again.


Here's what he had to say over the weekend, including an original (and now deleted) shot at Nike—his first reintroduction to the social network, before reintroducing himself again in a second rebirth which is essentially one level above Jesus Christ. Sorry religious guy, that's just facts. I've screenshotted some of these for posterity because they could all disappear within hours. First, the Nike shot:

Then, the second flurry:


Philosophy book notes?

These tweets also come off the back of a bunch of other new Kanye info. Recently, he's also performed on stage with Kid Cudi and reportedly been cooking up a book of philosophy. Rationally speaking, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves—these are just tweets. But also, as he puts it on "Hold My Liquor," "Bitch I'm outta my coma!!!!" We can dream, right?

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