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76ers' Dario Saric Doesn't Want to Play LeBron, a "Top-Three Player"

The Philadelphia 76ers are just a half-game behind the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Dario still wants nothing to do with LeBron in the playoffs.
Photo by Bill Streicher—USA TODAY Sports

Dario Saric is nothing if not honest.

Last night, his Philadelphia 76ers took care of the New York Knicks to the tune of 118-101, and they're feeling pretty excited about their position in the Eastern Conference. But the 6'10" Croatian power forward has just one hope going into the season's end: don't cross paths with LeBron James.

Just take a listen to the man:

"No, I don't want to play against LeBron," Dario says earnestly. "He's obviously, you know, in the top three, top two, top three players in the world. In history, maybe."


Calling LeBron one of the "top three" is particularly hilarious. Like, who else is on your list, Dario?

Sure, you could say that he bungles the "take all comers," "anything is possible" platitudes you always hear in sports interviews, but to his credit, he delivers an honest-ass answer. Because who among us would actually like to face down LeBron Fucking James? That's what I thought. Not to mention the hilarity of the reporter calling him "fearless" immediately after he expressed his one greatest fear.

Anyway, the 76ers might need a stroke of luck right now, seeing as how Dario's teammate Joel Embiid found himself in the hospital with a facial contusion after colliding with the recently-returned Markelle Fultz. He posted this to social media:

Not good indeed. Stay fearless Dario. Trust the fearless.