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WATCH: How to Build an Affordable Sex Robot

The home accessory you never knew you needed.

Modern life is rubbish unless you’ve got a load of money. But Oobah Butler refuses to accept that. From getting into cinemas for nothing and wrangling free meals with the help of a Hawaain shirt, to building the world's first affordable sex robot, VICE's Life Hacks teaches you how to beat the forces trying to keep us down.

This episode, it's sex robot time.

Much has been made of recent breakthroughs in both VR technology and robotic engineering, and of how these could conspire to open up the world of sex tech. But in all likelihood, any new products utilising any kind of groundbreaking technology are going to be too pricey for the average onanist, leaving Oobah with only one option: to create an affordable sex robot for the masses.


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