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"Bell Curve" author says students today are too easily "triggered"

Writers give talks at universities all the time — but when Charles Murray, author of “The Bell Curve,” comes to campus, activists come to protest.

Murray has been regularly touring colleges since March, when a speech he gave at Middlebury College was disrupted and eventually shut down by protesters.

These campus visits have fallen into a predictable rhythm — campus conservative groups announce Murray will be coming and protest groups begin organizing. By the time Murray arrives at campus, the show isn’t about his scholarship or his ideas, but rather the circus that follows him from lectern to lectern across the country.

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This hasn’t gone unnoticed by student activist groups, some of whom have begun to rethink the way they want to deal with Murray. VICE News went to the University of Michigan, where Murray spoke Wednesday, to talk to students and professors about how they planned to protest.

This segment originally aired Oct. 12, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.