Wow, Here's Post Malone's New Single, "Wow"

"All the housewives pullin’ up," Post raps on his first single since 'Beerbongs & Bentleys' back in April. "I got a lot of toys, 720S bumpin' Fall Out Boy."
December 24, 2018, 10:16am

Let's not waste time here. There's a whole-ass Bad Bunny album for you to get through this morning, and you may or may not be involved in some sort of Christmas nonsense. So, Post Malone just released a new single. It's called "Wow." You can hear the song and watch its festive, animated video at the top of the page. Here are some of the lyrics:

Shawty mixing up the Vodka with the LaCroix, yeah
G-Wagen, G-Wagen, G-Wagen, G-Wagen
All the housewives pullin' up
I got a lot of toys, 720S bumpin' Fall Out Boy

Pete Wentz seems to have heard the song already:

Thank you. That is all.

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