Our Favorite Games of 2018: 'BattleTech'

The more we play, the more we love.
A group of BattleMechs crest a tropical ridge at sundown. The image is tagged with the Waypoint 2018 in Review logo
screenshots courtesy of Paradox

Welcome to Waypoint's End of Year celebration! This year, we're digging deep into our favorite games with dedicated podcasts, interviewing each other about our personal top 10 lists, and reflecting on the year with essays from the staff and some of our favorite freelance contributors. Check out the entire package right here!

As 2018 winds down, Austin, Cado, and Rob nerd out over their shared love of BattleTech. With a discussion grounded in their own individual relationships and background to the franchise, the three MechWarriors revisit past glories, great moments, and consider the game's evolution over the course of the year. Finally, we talk about where we want to see this game (or franchise, even!) go next, and our ambivalence about the Clans.

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