Man Allegedly Shot at Taco Bell Drive-Thru for Not Giving Him Enough Hot Sauce

Some people are really passionate about Taco Bell's sauce offerings.
Exterior of a Taco Bell

If you haven’t refreshed Taco Bell’s website lately, you might’ve missed its online Taco Shop, which doesn’t sell actual tacos, but does sell $40 hoodies with tiny bells on the left chest and Taco Bell-script sweatpants so you can quietly let everyone know that you’ve given up. It also has an entire line of Sauce Packet-themed clothing and accessories, including socks, pillows, and even a garter. Because some people are really passionate about Taco Bell's sauce offerings.


Which explains why a lot of the sauce-related products are temporarily sold out. I know, it's a shame, but the best way to register your disappointment is to take a deep breath and ask yourself why you needed a Sauce Packet Bowtie in the first place. And if you’re actually at a real Taco Bell and don’t get a packet of actual Fire sauce with your to-go order, it’s better to try that deep breathing thing than to, say, fire several shots through the drive-through window.

According to KFOR, at 1:30 AM on Monday, an as-yet-unidentified man either didn’t get enough hot sauce or didn’t get any hot sauce, and he retaliated by allegedly shooting into a Taco Bell in Oklahoma City. "The suspect then entered the business, got out and came inside the business,” Oklahoma City Police Department Master Sergeant Gary Knight said. “The employees locked themselves in the bathroom. He apparently left. It's unclear exactly what he did while he was in there as they were hiding.”

This is obviously not OK. The restaurant was left with a broken drive-through window and some shattered glass to sweep up, but fortunately none of the employees were injured. "Any time you've got people inside of a business and some person decides, for whatever reason, to fire bullets into that business, makes for a very dangerous situation and we're extremely fortunate that nobody was hurt,” Knight said.

The man was able to flee the scene, and no arrests have been made. Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers.

In September, a man flashed a “revolver-style handgun” when his Taco Bell order took too long. The incident happened at a T-Bell in Goshen, Indiana and, again, the man was able to get away before the cops arrived.

Come on, you guys. Don’t do this to Taco Bell, even if your order takes a couple of extra minutes, or you don’t get enough hot sauce, or the bowtie you really wanted was out of stock.

EVEN (clap) IF (clap) THE (clap) BOWTIE (clap) WAS (clap) OUT (clap) OF (clap) STOCK.