This Video of Bad Bunny Performing 'MÍA' in a Parade is Pure Joy

The Latin trap star took to the streets of Puerto Rico with Jimmy Fallon and Questlove to perform his Drake-assisted hit.
bad bunny

There is a lot of bad in the world, but consider this: Bad Bunny exists, and a world in which Bad Bunny exists cannot be an entirely bad world. Today, the human silver lining appeared on the Tonight Show Puerto Rico special to perform his Drake-assisted hit "MÍA" on the streets of Puerto Rico, with a full parade (and Jimmy Fallon and Questlove) in tow. The video is fucking joyous, a pure delight that, if you're anything like me, you will probably want to watch more than once. Check out the parade below:


Bad Bunny recently released his debut record X 100PRE ('por siempre', meaning 'forever') which features "MÍA" alongside 14 other future hits. If you haven't listened, do yourself a favour.