Charli XCX Covering the Spice Girls with Halsey Is a Piece of Pop History

Clearly, Charli is the Spice Girls' spiritual descendent.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

As the 21st Century embodiment of all five Spice Girls in one person (penchant for ridiculous trousers, outspoken Britishness, GIRL POWER), it was only a matter of time before Charli XCX cracked out a cover of one of their many, many hall-of-fame level pop songs. And what a cover it turned out to be.

Over the weekend, Charli played Chicago's Lollapalooza Festival, and during her set, she welcomed Halsey (who she'll soon be touring with) onto the stage to perform a version of "Wannabe." Though largely true to the bratty spirit of the original, Charli's version has a little more electronic, PC Music-style bounce, and the moment in general felt almost like a intergenerational pop mantle-passing. Like, I am happy to admit that this video gave me chills, such is the profound nature of what is happening here: Charli XCX, the next truly iconic UK pop star, figuratively kneeling before the Spice Girls—who, in this analogy, are kind of like gatekeepers of greatness—to accept the weight of her duty. Halsey is also cute, but she does get the words wrong at the end, and speaking as a Brit that's really unforgivable. Anyway, watch above and experience pop history before your eyes.

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