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The making of Bhad Bhabie

Like many, she turned to the art form after a life of crime.

Bhad Bhabie's hip-hop career began after a series of crimes, including a car theft and knife threats, both committed when she was 13. But she rose to fame after an appearance on the Dr. Phil show. If you're unsure who we're talking about here, perhaps the phrase "Cash me outside" will jog your memory? Yep, that's her.

Riding the viral wave of her sudden internet notoriety, the Cash Me Outside Girl, née Danielle Bergoli, took up rap music, signed a contract with Atlantic Records, and re-re-christened herself Bhad Bhabie. And the weirdest part of it all is, she's good. Not just good at rapping (though that in and of itself is a pleasant surprise), but just generally good. Like, a good kid.

Look, we'd be rolling our eyes too, but we visited her and her record-label minders out in the desert, where she was shooting a video for her new song. We were fully expecting a classic Florida wild child, flush with cash and fame, and behaving as badly and babylike as her stage name portends.

Instead we met was an extremely sweet, extremely excited teenager who was about as well-mannered, gracious, and nice to be around as any musician out there. Even if she does swear like 2 Live Crew.

This segment originally aired January 3, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.