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Old Man Bill Russell Has Some Old Man Jokes About Bacon

The Celtics legend has 11 rings and a...crispy...sense of humor
Screencap via Twitter/@

Bill Russell is an old man. An old man with five MVP awards, 11 championship rings, and 12 All Star appearances. For some reason he came at Kevin Hart today, and nothing is better than old men having beef with random celebrities.

Hart, who once quit the Celebrity All-Star Game was announced today as the MC for the NBA's All Star Weekend. Five years ago, Hart came at Bill Russell on Twitter, but it's hard to tell if that's the origin of this beef. Regardless, the really important thing to take away here is that Bill Russell decided to grace us with this sacred image, and shit talk Hart via his Twitter account:

Note the ringz. Oh, and the bacon. Because when you're a 6'10", fit 83-year-old man, you're not too worried about that cholesterol. Or Kevin hart.