Losing Va. Tech Coach Gets Hit with OSU's Celebratory Gatorade Shower

Victorious Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy was just reaching out to Virginia Tech's coach Justin Fuente for the post-game handshake, when disaster struck.
December 29, 2017, 5:40pm
Screen capture via ESPN

Gatorade showers are meant to come at the wrong time. Nobody really wants an ice cold, sticky waterfall, so it has to be a surprise. But there's a way you can really fuck the thing up: like, say, by waiting until your coach is inches away from a handshake with the losing coach.

After winning the One Of Approximately 6,928 Bowl 30-21 last night, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy deserved some recognition for a wrap on a solid 10-3 season. But maybe Virginia Tech's coach didn't need to feel that sticky afterglow. Two Oklahoma State players were late to the party, as journalists and camera operators started to close in on the important post-game moment when coaches pay their respects. That's when just about everyone got splashed:

Both coaches handled it like pros—they hardly flinched—but damn, those players got lucky their season just ended. Likely would have been a good couple of wind sprints for that shit.

h/t Reddit user hajahe155