People Told Us the Wildest Place They've Had Sex in Six Words
Illustrations by Brandon Celi. 

People Told Us the Wildest Place They've Had Sex in Six Words

“In tube slide at a playground.”

Sex isn’t always a high-octane thrill ride, but do it frequently enough and you're likely to come away with a wild story or two. Even if your sexual history is mostly a snore, chances are you have a few thrilling dalliances in unusual places under your belt. That in mind, we asked folks about the zaniest place they’ve knocked boots. Here’s what they said.

“Santa's chair at the local mall.” - Julie, 27


“In the woods. He was homeless.” - Cassie, 28

“The Museum of Science and Industry.” - Ell, 34

“The middle of a crop circle.” - Margot, 36

“In tube slide at a playground.” - Katie, 23

“An elevator; lots of going down.” - Alisson, 33

“Locked grain shed behind a brewpub.” - Beth, 32

“University of Kentucky's Willy T Library.” - Annie, 26

“A men’s bathroom at Disney World.” - Johnny, 33

“In the basement of a convent.” - Ben, 45

“By the bathrooms in music venue.” - Allie, 25

“In a crab-apple blossom tree.” - Lex, 37

“Ice machine room at Ritz Carlton.” - JD, 39

“After hours church alter, then aisle.” - Olivia, 39

“The bleachers of Amelia Earhart Park.” - Gabriel, 26

“Straddling the driver, New Jersey Turnpike.” - Monica, 37

"In the woods. Mosquitos covered everything." - Carol, 24

“The candy stockroom at Blockbuster Video.” - Jess, 39

“Against a dumpster in an alley.” - Jaimie, 52

“Onboard moving Amtrak train in bathroom.” - Michelle, 52

“My parents' bed. Left a stain.” - Steph, 27

“Stairwell of a UConn college dorm.” - Annie, 27

“The rooftop of my apartment building.” - Kate, 37

“In a cemetery on Halloween night.” - Jeremy, 34

“Once fucked in a stretch limo.” - Laura, 33

“On front lawn of college library.” - Ohmeed, 36

“In a police station parking lot. - Mike, 35

“On picnic table at national park.” - Lindsay, 32

“Inside the family restroom at Macy’s.” - Jill, 25

“Lazy river at crowded water park.” - Robert, 36

“Had a threesome in Paris catacombs.” - Steve, 32


“Trampoline sex is tricky but awesome.” - Andres, 38

“The hallway of a fancy hotel.” - Brittany, 33

“Against rocks on Thailand snorkeling trip.” - Jenna, 29

“A hastily constructed Mayan love hammock.” - Rebecca, 33

“In outdoor gazebo by a forest.” - Zoe, 32

“Busy restaurant, empty Boston Market bathroom.” - Jen, 34

“His car while parents were inside.” - Michelle, 25

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