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An Experiment to Make Ganja 'Gel’ Left One Person Dead

If you’re trying to DIY some stuff from weed, take extreme care and learn a lesson from this attempt that ended so badly, it reportedly blew the whole room up.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
An experiment to make ganja gel left one dead

From dabs to edibles, different ways to consume cannabis have been passing around like joints in a stoner circle. But one group’s attempt to play around with chemical concoctions and weed to DIY their own ganja "gel” ended so badly, that it left one of them dead and two others injured.

A gang of five friends identified as Masi alias Rajesh, Mohammed Razaq, Raji alias Gnanavelraja, Raju alias Raja and Vignesh rented a room at the Manthope Colony in the Aynambakkam district of Chennai. But instead of settling for an ordinary smoking up session, they tried to take their high to the next level by brewing their own “ganja gel”.

“On Sunday, the men allegedly mixed ganja leaves with spirit and another chemical and boiled it on an induction stove they had brought along,” a police officer told The New Indian Express.“They boiled it till it became a gel to wipe it on a cigarette and smoke for an extra effect. However, after they made the gel, Masi, Mohammed and Rajesh stepped out to buy cigarettes while Raja, a car driver, and Vignesh, a milk vendor, stayed back in the room.” After the three left the room, Raja and Vignesh decided to spark a cigarette while waiting, a fatal decision that ended up causing a fire to break out. The pair screamed for their lives, alerting authorities at the lodge, who broke in and took them to a nearby government hospital. However, Raja succumbed to the burns and passed away. The police are currently still questioning the others involved. They speculate that while making the "gel", the room filled up with vapour due to the lack of ventilation. So, when a cigarette was lit, it caused such a fierce reaction, that the whole thing blew up.

While the cops are calling this concoction a "gel", given that the method used to make it sounds very similar to the highly-flammable process of cannabis extraction employed to make highly potent wax or dabs, one that is known to even cause explosions, it could very well mean that these guys were trying to cook up their own cannabis oil. But the lesson here, kids, is that if you absolutely must do drugs, and if you especially are trying to go DIY with them, just make sure you do your research right and do this all in an extremely safe environment.

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