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An Uttar Pradesh Man Found Out All His Organs are On the Wrong Side of His Body

Jamaluddin went to the doctor complaining of stomach pain, only to find out that his heart was placed on the right side of his body, while his gall bladder and liver were on the left.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Uttar Pradesh man finds out his organs are on the wrong side of his body
Photo via Pixabay

Jamaluddin, a man from the Khushinagar district in Uttar Pradesh (UP), recently found out something so bizarre, it will leave your head spinning. He had an excruciating stomach ache and decided to show it to a doctor in the Gorakhpur district of UP. The doctor, in turn, made him get an X-ray and ultrasound. But the result of these tests left everyone shook. Turns out, Jamaluddin’s organs were all in reverse and placed on the wrong side of his body.


Instead of the usual organ placements in human anatomy, Jamaluddin’s heart is on the right side of his body, while his gallbladder and liver are all the way on the left. This is because Jamaluddin has an extremely rare condition called Situs Inversus, in which key visceral organs of the body are reversed. While this is super uncommon, someone suffering from it can go through their whole life without realising that their organs are actually flipped. Some prominent examples of those who have lived with it include Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and American actress Catherine O’Hara. However, it can lead to complications if the condition is accompanied by other irregularities or the person requires surgery.

"We found stones in his gallbladder. But it is extremely difficult to take out the stones if the gallbladder is located on the left side”, Dr Shashikant Dixit, who a bariatric laparoscopic surgeon who examined Jamaluddin, told IANS. “We had to take the help of three-dimensional laparoscopic machines to perform the surgery.” He also mentioned that the first such case of organs on the wrong side of the body had come up in 1643.

Luckily, Jamaluddin made it through the operation and is now slowly recovering, so even though the placement of his organs is all wrong, it looks like things are going to be all right.

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