A QAnon YouTuber Is Running for Office in Canada

Billy Joyce, the People’s Party of Canada candidate in Cape Breton, vlogs about pedophile rings, Satanism, and the Illuminati.
Mack Lamoureux
Toronto, CA
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Billy Joyce in a YouTube video in which he implies the Trudeau Foundation is involved in pedophilia. Photo via YouTube

While we’ve seen many conspiracists run for office in the past, we’ve never seen anything like Billy Joyce.

The People's Party of Canada candidate in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia who calls himself “Canada’s Red Pill” is perhaps further down the YouTube far-right conspiracy rabbit hole than anyone else ever to run for office in North America with an official party. With a YouTube page touching on pedophile rings, Satanism, global Muslim takeover, and the Illuminati, Joyce’s background is a little off the beaten path for an aspiring Canadian politician.


The Nova Scotian announced his candidacy on August 30 on YouTube, explaining that as president of the PPC Cape Breton—Canso riding association he had trouble finding someone to run because of all the negative media attention. Joyce is listed as a candidate on the upstart right-wing party’s website.

“The People’s Party of Canada has a platform that resonates with my worldview and my patriotism,” he says in the announcement.


The thumbnail for Billy Joyce’s most popular video. Photo via YouTube.

It’s fitting Joyce made the announcement on YouTube, as that’s where he has a channel with 22,000 subscribers and nearly 200 lengthy videos discussing far-right topics including QAnon conspiracy theories, which detail a supposed secret plot to take down Trump by an alleged "deep state," Pizzagate theories, and how Islam and multiculturalism are destroying Canada (a favourite of the PPC crowd). His most popular views, by a long shot, are focused on QAnon.

According to his YouTube statistic page, Joyce first joined the site in 2008 and has garnered over a million views since then. His most popular video is called “ARRESTS!! TRUDEAU & OBAMA TIES TO PED0GATE & MKUltra ! Order of Canada Honor?”

In the 33-minute video, posted in April 2018, Joyce discusses the "vileness" of the Trudeau Foundation—a non-partisan foundation created after former prime minister Pierre Trudeau’s death that hands out scholarships and research grants—and its ties to pedophelia and the occult.

"The triangular pedophile logo is enough to make us vomit but the occult symbolism is also shocking," Joyce says before showing us a convoluted page of occult symbols. Joyce goes on to say the “City of Ottawa has 666 in their logo” and imply the Order of Canada resembles the Star of David. Both are Satanic, according to Joyce, because they have three angles that have six sides—666, get it?


At the end of the video he breaks down the speech Justin Trudeau gave at his father Pierre's funeral in 2000 and explains how the current prime minister may have been mind-controlled by the Illuminati who were scared he was going to talk about their pedophile ring.

Joyce, who doesn’t have a PPC website yet, and the PPC didn’t respond to VICE’s request for comment.

However, Joyce did respond on Twitter on a thread about his videos Tuesday night.

“Tell me one thing I said that was false in this clip,” he wrote. “I didn't say they ARE Satanic, but the symbols sure do match a lot of Occult symbols….prove me wrong! Grasping straws!”


The thumbnail for Joyce's YouTube video announcing his candidacy.

The PPC is a new right-wing political party. It was founded in 2018 by former Conservative cabinet minister Maxime Bernier after he placed second in the Conservative leadership race. Since its creation, it has slowly drifted further and further into the far-right. While the party is certainly the first choice with a lot of far-right Canadian YouTubers, it hasn’t been able to garner much support from actual Canadians. Currently, the party is polling at three percent, below other smaller parties such as the Green Party and the Bloc Quebecois.

The Canadian election period officially started on September 11, and will be held on October 21.

May God have mercy on our souls.

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