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Chip's Video For "Scene" is an All-Star Vibe

Presenting grime's most valuable players all in one video.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Chip's third album, League of My Own II, will be released tomorrow (12 August), and as a final gift before its release, he's dropped a new track called "Scene," with an accompanying video. Both feature a ridiculous roster of artists, which, in full, comprises of *deep breath*: Wiley, JME, Jammer, D Double E, and Miraa May. Basically it's a who's who of some of the most interesting artists in British music – let alone grime, rap and R&B – and as you'd expect, both the track and the visual go hard.


A bunch of slick verses are set off by a seriously pretty vocal interlude from Miraa May that elevates the whole thing from a great showcase for British rap to something more all-encompassing entirely, and the clip to go with it means business. It's a low-key affair featuring everyone involved (Wiley appears via separate footage), in an all-black get up, looking suspiciously like the future of music in the UK. Watch and listen above!

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