Gucci Mane Hopped on the Remix of WillThaRapper's "Pull Up Hop Out"

The DMV rapper's single gets the bump of a lifetime.
Photo by Justin Sherman

WillThaRapper was a name not known to many outside of the DMV this time last year, just before he dropped his "Pull Up Hop Out" single. The song changed a lot for the Southeast DC native, who just needed the proper platform for the already relentless output of street stories he was producing. The song's video, shot in and around The District, has amassed two million views since its release last October. Around DC, there haven't been too many songs to grab a hold of locals's attention like this. Last November, hometown hero Wale gave it a stamp of approval by freestyling over the beat. Shortly after, NBA star and Washington Wizards player John Wall was heard rapping parts of the hook before a televised interview.


This song's biggest stamp of approval arguably came today, though, when Gucci Mane hopped on its remix. Guwop has been fond of DC area hits this summer; in June, he added to GoldLink's hit song "Crew"—the only local track making more waves than "Pull Up Hop Out." "We were talking about a couple of different guys for the remix but I would've never thought Gucci would do it," WillThaRapper said over e-mail. "This is big for DC and the DMV; For them to hear Guwop on a WillThaRapper record because now we got one foot in the door and another foot on these niggas' necks." Listen to the track below.

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