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Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, May 2019

Gemini season is almost here!
May 1, 2019, 12:03am

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Your ruling planet Mercury is busy at the start of May, finding you in an especially social mood! Just be wise about what information you share with people as Mercury clashes with taskmaster Saturn on May 1, and Pluto, the lord of the underworld, on May 2. Be your most mature self, Gemini! Sensitive issues are coming up for people, so many might not be as open or cheerful as they usually are. That said, opportunities to get things done and make good connections are still possible, what with Mercury connecting with action planet Mars on May 1 and then lucky Jupiter on May 2.

An especially powerful new moon for expanding your intuitive abilities, connecting with your inner voice, and doing dream work arrives in Taurus on May 4. A fresh start is here, and your biggest focus needs to be on winding down and getting some rest! May 5 is an exciting day for your relationships, as Mars opposes Jupiter—it’s a fantastic and dynamic time for change (and a fun time for "the chase")—just watch out for competitive behavior. Your ruling planet Mercury enters Taurus on May 6, and journaling, meditation, and all inner-work are wonderful ways to optimize the energy. Expect to talk a lot about hidden things, secrets, and endings. Things that were forgotten may come back up again. Mercury is all about movement—asking questions and getting answers. But in grounded earth sign Taurus, Mercury has a chance to sit and chew the cud.


Sweet Venus clashes with taskmaster Saturn on May 7, creating a grumpy energy as people don’t get what they want. This isn’t a great time to ask for a favor. Try to pay off some debts now, if you can. That said, if you return a friend’s sweater and they respond with an eye roll because you kept it too long rather than a pleasant thank you, don’t be surprised. The best way to work with this energy is to be mature and responsible, and don’t expect any romantic dates or business meetings to be joyful, gleeful occasions. On May 8, chatty Mercury meets genius Uranus, bringing unexpected news and brilliant ideas (but lay off the coffee; you will likely be wired on this day) and the sun, the source of our vitality, connects with dreamy Neptune, bringing a boost of creativity and healing. Venus mingles with Jupiter and clashes with Pluto on May 9, making this a powerful time to connect with people on an intimate level. Superficial friendships explore a deeper zone, but you do have to watch out for jealousy and possessive behavior. As powerful as this is for you to meet new people, or connect deeply with those already in your life, know that not everyone is ready for that kind of depth and manipulative or shady sides may come out.

The sun connects with Saturn on May 11, helping you get in alignment when it comes to your emotions. Feelings—they’re messy! But your intuition is sharp at this time and there is a sense of support and stability around you, helping you get a handle on everything. Sometimes we just need the confidence to say goodbye to something that isn’t working for us, and sometimes we just need to express our boundaries. Sometimes we need to know our limits. You’re in tune with what you need at this time. Speaking of confidence, the sun connects with power planet Pluto on May 13.


Venus connects with Mars on May 14, creating a fun and flirtatious energy that's fantastic for socializing, networking, and sharing ideas—people are open-minded and eager to connect! Venus enters Taurus on May 15, fining you more shy than usual, but a secret crush may soon develop—or you’ll simply be appreciating private time with your lovers a touch more! You love to stay busy but Venus in Taurus finds you relishing the quiet life.

Also on May 15, Mercury’s connection with Neptune brings a dash of whimsy and creativity, while Mars entering Cancer finds you tenaciously tackling issues concerning cash and self-worth. Mercury connects with Saturn on May 16, making this a great day to set plans and discuss commitments—and to talk about things you might not usually be open to discussing. The timing just feels right, whether the topic is intimacy, money, grief, or other difficult themes.

Mercury connects with Pluto, Venus meets Uranus, and the full moon in Scorpio lands on May 18—it’s said by astrologers that Geminis get bored easily, but not today! Juicy information comes and secrets are shared as Mercury connects with Pluto—not to mention the huge boost in intuitive powers this bestows on you. It’s like you’re wearing cosmic X-ray glasses for your third eye. Venus’s meeting with Uranus brings even more lightning bolts of inspiration and creativity! You might have a hard time sleeping—don’t be surprised if you need extra time alone to sort out your thoughts. There’s just so much energy in the air!


A full moon in one of the most emotionally intense signs of the zodiac, Scorpio, arrives on this day, too. This full moon challenges you to get grounded and organized, to get real about how to make your life work. This full moon could see you wrapping up some gigs, removing tasks from your schedule, or dumping bad habits that no longer work for you. This full moon is all about your routines and rituals. The little things we do each day add up, so do some good for yourself (and others!) every day, and let go of the bad.

Your season begins on May 21, Gemini! Your ruling planet Mercury also enters your sign on this day and meets with the sun, revitalizing you and bringing a new clarity to your consciousness. You’re feeling curious, light, and social. Taurus season found you moving slowly, but you’re at your own, more comfortable pace now.

Action planet Mars connects with unruly Uranus on May 22 and you’re making some exciting discoveries. Watch out for the eccentric people you may meet today. Brilliant eureka moments inspire you to dream even bigger for your future. This is a powerful time for you to make change in the world!

Creativity is flowing, and benevolent energy is in the air, but an unfortunate overlook may take place at the end of the month. Mercury clashes with Neptune on May 29, stirring up confusion, especially when it comes to your career and the direction you want to take things. Venus connects with Neptune on May 30, which is lovely for kicking back and enjoying yourself, but this could be a touch too lackadaisical. Watch out for mistakes made out of laziness. Mercury opposes Jupiter on May 30, creating a jovial and open-minded energy, especially in your relationships—but again, don’t be lazy and miss important details!

Balancing any careless energy in the atmosphere is Venus's connection with Saturn on May 31. Sweet, lovely Venus doesn’t always enjoy cold, melancholy Saturn, but when they work well together, there’s an energy of support in the air. The topic of respect is on your mind. This is a powerful time to get support in any healing you have to do to move on from the past, too. Solid plans are being made, and while this isn’t the coziest, most affectionate energy, you’re feeling a stability and maturity that makes you feel as warm as any hug would. Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in June!