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Internet Art History

This Classic Photo of Drunk British People On NYE Is a Masterpiece

The first of a new video series, in which we go potentially too deep on some of the best images ever posted to the internet.

Traditionally, only a select group of people could define something as "art". Gallerists, the art school elite, those high-minded European aesthetes who didn't seem to do much besides wearing thin scarves at Mayfair private views. But it's not the 1970s anymore! If you think something is art, it is!

Case in point: the many images to have been posted online that make you feel something; that make you react emotionally and maybe even physically. Because what is art if not an image that moves you in some way?

Remember that photo of a Manchester street on New Year's Eve in 2016? The one that looks like a Renaissance masterpiece? That photo moved VICE contributor Joel Golby so profoundly that he's done a video about it, the first in a new series – Internet Art History – where we take a deep-dive into some of the most iconic images ever posted online.