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Monthly Horoscope: Aries, June 2019

Welcome to Gemini season, Aries!
May 31, 2019, 4:30pm

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What makes a good communicator? Fiercely speaking your truth? Having the patience to think things through before speaking? You're reflecting on this as the sun moves through Gemini, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules communication. You have the fierceness to speak up for yourself and others, but patience is something you still need to work on, dear Aries. Gemini season is a busy time of year for you and you're running around your neighborhood making plenty of calls and taking meetings, and also connecting with your siblings.

But this is also a crucial time of year for you to reflect on mental wellness, especially this year, which brings a hazier, dreamier Gemini season than usual. It's a fantastic time for journaling and for meditation—imagine what you could do if you disciplined your mind! Gemini is a sign associated with curiosity, but as many questions as you'll be asking this month, you'll need to be patient, use your listening skills, and be comfortable in quiet reflection, because quick answers are not on the horizon. This June is for daydreaming and brainstorming; bring a notebook to doodle while you commute instead of mindlessly playing games or scrolling on your phone.


A powerful moment in your career and finances arrives as Venus in Taurus makes a harmonious connection with Pluto in Capricorn on June 2. This is major if you're trying to get a promotion or raise, or hoping to boost your reputation or abundance in any way. Venus is all about value (and valuables!) and as it connects with Pluto, the lord of the underworld, immense riches become available to you. As my teacher Anne Ortelee often says, it's in Pluto's realm (in the earth) where we find glittering jewels. Pluto can be a difficult planet to work with, but it's also a symbol of transformation, and we're tapping into that energy as it mingles with sweet Venus. For your, dear ram, this will manifest as material abundance and some sexy vibes, too!

There's a new moon in Gemini on June 3, activating the sector of your chart that rules communication and bringing you a new perspective. However, the energy in communication shifts soon after as Mercury enters intuitive water sign Cancer on June 4. The new moon is a clean slate that offers you a moment of quiet time to yourself, and as Mercury enters Cancer, you'll find yourself connecting with your inner voice and fine-tuning your intuition. Expect plenty of conversations concerning home and family to take place, and expect some surprising news on June 7 as Mercury connects with Uranus in Taurus.

Venus enters Gemini on June 8, bringing sweet messages your way—this is a lovely time to connect with people! Just watch out for lazy energy as the sun squares Neptune in Pisces on June 9—this isn't the time to seek definite answers as the energy could be quite confusing. Again, use this opportunity to daydream and meditate! The sun opposes Jupiter on June 10, which brings plenty of fun and adventure. A lot of talk takes place, and you would be wise not to believe all the hype. However, a feeling of generosity is in the air, and while you may bump into a few massive egos, this could be a fun time so long as you're not putting too much pressure on yourself or others.


Catch up on rest mid-June, little ram, as Mars and Mercury, both in Cancer, connect with sleepy Neptune on June 14 and 16 respectively. Just don't nod off at work since your bosses, parents, or authority figures are critically looking at your actions as Mars opposes Saturn in Capricorn on June 14, and some difficult conversations or rejections takes place on June 16. This isn't the time to slack off, even though you really need some time to do nothing!

Take some time off to rest if you can, and be responsible about it. If you move through mid-month with maturity and discipline, this energy could actually work in your favor and bring you a better work/life balance. Boundaries are important not only in relationships but with yourself, too. Set a boundary that you won't check work emails after a certain hour, or that you won't check social media while you're at work. This goes back to the theme of Gemini season for you, which is all about mindfulness and being present instead of splitting your attention.

A full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius lands on June 17, bringing a big realization for you. A conversation that's been brewing also comes to a head. Full moons are exhausting and emotional, but during this one, you're still ready for adventure and new experiences. This full moon finds you releasing all sorts of preconceived or ill-conceived notions, and you find freedom when you're released from a burden. If you're in school or traveling, this will be an especially exciting full moon, so mark your calendar and keep your plans flexible.

Saturn connects with Neptune and Mercury meets Mars June 18, helping you tap into your intuition and building your psychic strength. It's a powerful time to energetically cleanse your home and office, and emotionally, to get clear on your needs and boundaries. Creativity is flowing, and you're tapped into your emotions on a deep level. Just watch out for short tempers as Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto on June 19. You're never afraid of an argument, Aries, and we all know you low key we love to debate, but arguments can get very heated at this time. Watch out for shady behavior and manipulators. It's not your fault that you're so awesome that people are jealous of you, but it is your fault if you escalate a situation instead of stepping back. It's important to keep control issues in check at this time. This is a great opportunity to call in the help of a third party.

Amazing transformations in communication and your sense of personal safety and autonomy can be made now if you step up to the plate and not give in to your lesser qualities, like being an instigator. Pay close attention to the topics that come up in conversation, especially concerning creativity, your love life, home, family, privacy, and security as Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow on June 20. These will be themes you rework during the retrograde from July 7 to July 31.

Neptune retrograde begins and the sun enters Cancer on June 21! Neptune's retrograde finds you especially sleepy, and intriguing messages arrive in your dreams, so pay close attention your inner voice at this time! Cancer season finds you focused squarely on your personal life, and you're likely busy at home, perhaps moving, decorating, or working things out with your roommates or family. Cancer is a very private sign, and you'll feel like you need your privacy, too. But plenty of romance and creativity flows as Venus opposes Jupiter on June 23 and squares off with Neptune on June 24. It's a wonderful time to be whisked off your feet for an adventure! Just make sure you bring your phone, keys, and wallet and try not to over indulge—it's hard to stay focused right now because the vibe just feels so good! Big hangovers are in store. You don't tend to have a big mouth, but because everything feels easy and lovely, you're going to open yours—be mindful of the words you speak and don't make promises you can't keep. Communication planet Mercury enters fellow fire sign Leo, the sign of the heart, on June 26, bringing flirtatious banter and party invitations your way.

The month wraps up with the sun connecting with Uranus on June 27, bringing a dose of freedom, spontaneity, and surprise your way. Watch out for developments in money and security at this time. Good luck this month, Aries, see you in July.