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A Porn Company Just Opened an ‘Adult Theme Park’ in Tokyo

Not your regular Magic Kingdom.
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Photo courtesy of ELEVATE via Pexels

We thought we had seen the weird side of 2020 theme parks when we heard of a Japanese one telling its visitors to hold their screams while riding roller coasters to prevent potentially COVID-laden spit particles from flying into the faces of fellow passengers. “Scream inside your heart,” people were told, which kinda also feels like the overall 2020 mood.

But another theme park in Japan is upping the ante for bizarre things opening up amid the pandemic.


Japanese porn maker Soft on Demand (SOD) just opened up “an adult theme park” in Tokyo. The five-storey theme park [which looks more like a building than a “theme park” though] is eponymously titled SOD Land, and is promising to have porn stars serve you drinks at their bars.

The entry fee is 5,000 yen (USD 47) which includes one free drink and two merchandise items. If the economy is leaving you scared but you’re still up for some fun, you can pay 2,500 yen (USD 24) and can be there for 60 minutes, with a complimentary drink and a DVD.

The place is geared to sell alcohol, food and adult videos, though their top-level pitch to audiences includes a chance for visitors to chat with porn performers. Reports in Japanese media speak about how the park’s basement is staffed by the studio’s newest performers, and where drinks are cheaper than the hostess bars in the red-light neighbourhood of Kabukicho where it’s located.

Elsewhere in the park, there are also “capsules” for people to watch SOD content. The floors upstairs have bars where drinks will be served by "famous sexy SOD actresses”. There is also a Silent Bar, where a “sexy bartender in a swimsuit” serves drinks without exchanging conversation. Previously, this company also opened an adult video VR location in Tokyo.

The company is facing a backlash about how it might be a catalyst for the coronavirus but the establishment is trying to make the entire layout virus-proof by having staff behind plastic barriers and obligatory mask wearing. A contactless AI system to take customers’ body temperature and machines that spray disinfectants are some of the measures being taken by the company. Hand sanitiser units as well as UV light machines and air filters are also installed.

According to a report by IT Media, there were rumors of pushing back SOD Land’s opening to 2021, but the company’s founder had said, “Let’s open because of the time we’re in.”

This isn’t the first time theme parks have sidelined their original target audience. ErotikaLand, a sex-themed park in Brazil, comes with a nudist pool and sex shops.. Then there’s Love Land in South Korea, amid beaches and waterfalls on an island, along with erotic statues for your viewing pleasure.

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