After 20 Years of Begging, Nintendo Finally Announced 'New Pokémon Snap'

You'll be able to take pictures of Primarina, Scorbunny, and even the enormous Wailord.
June 17, 2020, 2:53pm
Pokémon having a nice time.
Image: Nintendo

After 20 years of begging from fans, a sequel to 1999's Pokémon Snap is coming to the Switch.

Nintendo announced during a 10 minute "Pokémon Direct" alongside the toothbrushing app Pokémon Smile and puzzle game Pokémon Café Mix.

As soon as the Switch came out, I knew that I wanted to play Pokémon Snap on it. Pokémon Snap is a nice game where you do nice things. You observe Pokémon in various environments and take pictures of them. You were scored on the Pokémon's size, pose, and rarity, and occasionally you'd come across cute variations, like a surfing Pikachu, that were worth more points. GIven that the Switch can be played in handheld mode, it already mimics the way that most people take pictures on their smartphones. On the Nintendo 64, I remember this game feeling a little unwieldy with that console's absurd, three pronged controller. Then again, I was nine.

I don't know why it didn't occur to me that there would be new Pokémon in a Pokémon Snap game, but seeing a Scorbunny and Primarina made me squeal. I'm used to seeing most of these monsters in low resolution 3D models; here, even the enormous Wailord is rendered in his full size glory.

Other than the new games, this morning Nintendo made a few announcements about Pokémon Go, and released a little bit of new information on the Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion. The first part, The Isle of Armor, comes out today.

There's no release date for New Pokémon Snap yet, so I will sit here patiently awaiting a chance to take pictures of Pokémon. Hopefully I can get a pic of surfing Pikachu again.