These Healthcare Workers Turn to TikTok for Some Comic Relief

Here's to combating the contagion with viral dance moves, infectious energy, and sick beats.
Koh Ewe
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(L) Photo from @ejcubero on TikTok. (R) Photo from @margiemalonzo on TikTok.

The coronavirus pandemic is straining hospitals worldwide and spreading healthcare workers thin. Amidst taxing work hours in a high-stress situation, some frontliners show how they cope — with a little bit of boogie on TikTok.

The social media platform rose to popularity in the last couple of months as people stayed home and entertained themselves with educational coronavirus dances and outlandish home experiments.


It has also become a good source of comic relief amid tragedy in the past, like when Australians posted dance videos and satire during the bushfires earlier this year. Now, healthcare workers are having their share of the TikTok spotlight.

Below are some of the most wholesome TikToks from doctors, nurses, and other healthcare frontliners.

Dr. Jason Campbell, a resident physician at the Oregon Health & Science University Hospital, has been dubbed the “TikTok Doc” for his viral dances.

His colleagues also make regular appearances in his dance videos.

This hospital rendition of Selena Gomez’s hit "Boyfriend" even got a shout-out from the pop star herself.

Watch these healthcare workers take on the viral Cha-Cha Slide challenge.

This catchy number is served with a reminder for people to practise social distancing.

And these healthcare workers turned good hygiene practices into a groovy swagger. Who knew coughing into your elbow could look so slick?

These frontliners are saving lives while bopping along to kickass beats.

As the world continues to battle an unprecedented global health crisis, people are expressing their gratitude for healthcare workers around the world. Laughter may not exactly be the best medicine, but it’s the kind of wholesomeness we all need in trying times like these.

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