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All photos and art by Misha Ghose

This Indian Artist in Isolation Is Turning Everyday Objects Into Art

Be it an alien stove or a soprano lamp, Misha Ghose is making—quite literally—new friends in isolation.
April 23, 2020, 6:46am

This article originally appeared on VICE India.

Remember those days filled with a little thing called ‘friends’ all around us? We’d high-five each other, smoke together, and generally hang out in the Before Coronavirus era. As the lockdown slowwwlllyyy moves on, each day looking like the other, it turns out that most of us—no matter how introverted we might pride ourselves to be—are missing that element of surrounding ourselves with people we love. But for one Mumbai-based artist and filmmaker, new friends in isolation have come to the rescue.

Meet Misha Ghose, the artist who is giving the objects around her house a much more interesting life. Be it an alien stove or a soprano lamp, she is breathing life into them to create isolation friends, in the absence of getting to spend time with the IRL ones. “It stems from being at home for so long and spending time missing people and things all around you,” she tells VICE. “There is no sense of normalcy and nothing around you except the objects that you have in the house. So, all you do at home is look at things. You look at things long enough to see a pair of eyes staring back at you.”

She first positions the objects and then draws life all around it. “I recently started using this app called Procreate, and as I was stuck at home without much to do, I thought, ‘why not?’” Check out her works giving us life in a time we really needed something to smile about.


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