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Baba Ramdev Wants to Be Deepika Padukone’s Personal Adviser

Amid the JNU backlash and calls to boycott Padukone’s new film, the Indian spiritual guru suggested the actor doesn’t understand anything about the country and should come to him for the “right advice.”
Mumbai, IN
January 14, 2020, 9:10am
Ramdev Baba wants to be Deepika Padukone's personal adviser
Photo: Sunder panchal [CC BY-SA] (left) and NEWSTAK India [CC] (right) via Wikimedia Commons

Taking a breather from his kapalbhati exercises, godman and business tycoon Baba Ramdev gave his expert opinion on the Deepika Padukone situation at a business meeting in Indore on Monday, January 13. These comments come after Deepika Padukone’s show of solidarity at the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus, where students were protesting against the brutal violence that was unleashed on them at the prestigious university, prompted a backlash.

Despite staying silent, Padukone’s mere presence prompted many right-wing extremists to call for a complete boycott of her film inspired by the life of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. Many of them reportedly even left one star ratings on IMDb to ensure the film bombs at the box office. And now, the respected Baba Ramdev is weighing in on this situation by saying that the superstar knows less than Jon Snow (basically, nothing) about this country and should therefore come to him for the “right advice”.

The founder of Patanjali, that makes products like almond oil that can double up as lube, stated that Padukone "should first study social, political and cultural issues and understand more about our country.” He said that “after acquiring this knowledge, she should take big decisions,” before suggesting that he would be the ideal adviser for the Bollywood superstar.

We’re not sure how seeking wisdom and enlightenment from the saviour of sanskaar could actually help an acclaimed actress with a net worth upwards of Rs 100 crores, but assume it will probably involve him preaching about the benefits of cow urine as a part of Padukone’s beauty routine.

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